Returning Artist Application

37th Annual “Holiday for the Arts” Show & Sale

Friday, December 6, 2019
Saturday, December 7, 2019
Sunday, December 8, 2019

Returning artists, please read carefully. Any questions, contact our Artist Contact: Roberta Moody, 510-656-4809,

Returning artists who plan to display similar work in the same categories as previous years do NOT need to have work screened in advance (but please RSVP below with your returning information). If you would like to enter a new category, or show substantially different work than previous years, we will ask you to attend the screening. If you arrive at the event in December with new work which has not been screened, we may be unable to accept it.

New work is defined as one of the following:

  • Work in a new category (a different category than previous years)
  • Work in the same category, but of a different style/format. For example, if you participated in Fiber in previous years, selling knitting scarves, but are now selling quilted purses, that’s new. If you are selling knitted scarves again, but in a different yarn/color, that’s NOT new.
  • Work in the same style and category but of a substantially different size or price. If last year’s photos were 4″x6″ and $10, but this year’s are 36″ x 48″ and $200, that’s new.

If you have questions as to what qualifies as “new” work, please contact our Artist Contact.

New Work and/or New Category: Samples of artist’s work that is new will be screened by appointment on September 14, 2019 at the Olive Hyde Gallery, 123 Washington Blvd.

Entry Deadline: August 18, 2019

Questions: Artist Contact: Roberta Moody, 510-656-4809,

Entry Form: You may print the Call for Art – New Artists 2019 form and mail it back to us.

Please note: artwork must be original and no more than two years old
You can also submit your entry online, and we’ll receive it by e-mail

  • If you will be submitting new work for screening, please complete these fields