Each year, the Olive Hyde Art Guild provides scholarships to students who are pursuing higher education in art.

The recipient must:

  • Be a Fremont high school senior or Ohlone College student
  • Be a Fremont resident
  • Have firm plans to include visual art classes at the college level

The scholarship is to be used at an accredited school/college for classes of visual arts. 6 winning students will be honored and their work showcased at a reception on Friday, May 17, 2019. The awards will be announced during the reception after final judging. Art work submitted as jpg or pdf on a thumb drive must be available for the final judging.


  • The student must provide a portfolio of artwork. Minimum 4, maximum 6 pieces. Submit samples of your work on a thumb drive.
  • The student must have a minimum GPA of 2.50 at time of application.
  • The student must provide a written letter of recommendation from their Fremont High School art instructor (creativity/ability) or Ohlone College art professor and submit an unofficial transcript (GPA/school attendance/classes taken) directly to the selection committee.
  • The student must have written permission of parent/guardian if under 18.
  • The student must be available the evening of the reception, May 17, 2019, from 6:00 to 9:00.
  • The applicant is not required to demonstrate financial need. The award will be made on artistic merit.

Scholarships are awarded as follows

Ohlone College students and Fremont high school students will compete separately. Each group will receive the following:

  • The first place winner receives $2000
  • Two honorable mention winners will each receive $250 gift certificates from Blick Art Supply.
  • The high school teacher of the first place winner will receive $500 for classroom art supplies

Awards will be sent to the Financial Aid office of the school/college each recipient is attending, and is not renewable.


6 recipients are selected in April. All awards are presented during the May event reception.

Application Process

Applicants should complete the application neatly and return it, with samples of artwork (clearly labeled with name, artwork title and date completed), to the address on the form by the stated deadline. Letter of recommendation and unofficial transcript should be mailed separately to the scholarship committee (must be mailed, please do not take to the gallery).

Scholarship Committee, Olive Hyde Art Guild
P.O. Box 3073, Fremont, CA 94539

2019 Scholarship Application


  • Proof of acceptance from school/college is required prior to awarding of scholarship
  • Olive Hyde Art Guild reserves the right to hold a public show of applicants’ work
  • Olive Hyde Art Guild reserves the right not to award a scholarship

Congratulations to our 2018 Scholarship Winners

On Friday, May 18th, in a room full of artists and art enthusiasts, Olive Hyde Art Guild (OHAG) announced its annual scholarship winners for the year 2018. Every year since 2000, OHAG has been awarding scholarships for outstanding artistic talent to Fremont high-school seniors who intend to pursue Visual Arts at college level. “This is the first year the art guild has extended their scholarship to Ohlone College students,” says Dina Rubiolo, the Chairperson of the committee. The program has evolved over the years. This year it included two 1st place winners from Fremont high schools and Ohlone College separately, each receiving $2000, and two runner-ups from each category respectively, who got $150 in Blick Art Supply gift certificates. The teacher of the 1st place winner from High School, Ms. Kim Parker, is also given $500 for classroom art supplies.

Nineteen students from Fremont high schools and Ohlone College applied for the scholarships this year, out of which three finalists from each category were selected. The jurors, Gloria Kim and Susan Longini, based their selection on technical skills, expressive and conceptual content, and originality.

Gloria Kim, the Curator of the Olive Hyde Art Gallery, looked for “a story”, and something “special and magical” that stood out and continually pulled her into their artwork. “I am always blown away by the talent that is showcased by such young people,” says Gloria, who is excited to experience the new generation of artists. It was wonderful for her to see the artwork in person on the night of the announcement, where she was able to witness “honest and real passion” clearly visible through each artists’ work.

Involved in the glass world for over three decades, studio artist, educator, and administrator Susan Longini felt that “judging the 2018 Olive Hyde Art Guild scholarship was truly an uplifting experience.” The passion and the skill manifested in the students’ work was inspiring. Wonderful works in every medium from photography to collage to ceramics to digital arts were submitted, but the ones to win the contest demonstrated “technical competence, communication of ideas, and an identifiable and unique visual voice.”

Among the six finalists this year were Darren Wong, Jessica Lin, and Yeseul Lee, incidentally all from Irvington High School, and Chengyuan Shi, Elina Wang, and Scott Knell from Ohlone College. All students showed an exceptional level of expertise in their work. The complexity and the depth of the work exhibited a high level of maturity. One could only imagine how far these students would go in their pursuit of arts, when advanced professionally.

Scott Knell, who attends Ohlone College, was “very shocked” to hear that he had won the 1st place, “given the impressive work from other students.” He plans to double-major in Communications and Art at UC Santa Barbara, with an emphasis on photography and digital design. Scott became interested in photography when he first got a camera at age sixteen and enrolled in photography classes in high school. Ever since, he has been inspired by his teachers and professors who have helped and encouraged him along the way. He enjoys photography in mostly all styles, including portrait, documentary, landscape, and surrealism.

The other 1st place award went to Yeseul Lee of Irvington High School. When asked how she felt about winning, she said “I was very excited and felt like my hard work has paid off.” She will be attending ArtCenter College of Design this Fall, where she hopes to further develop her artistic talent. Ever since she was little, Yeseul has enjoyed doing art with her father, who has been her role model and mentor. She was inspired by his side of the family who are all art professionals. In her sketchbook, she liked to create interesting compositions through collage. For now, she finds surface design very attractive, thus plans to take Surface Track in Illustration major at ArtCenter.

Chengyuan Shi and Elina Wang of Ohlone College, and Darren Wong and Jessica Lin from Irvington High School, all received the Blick Art Supply gift certificates. They may not have won the big prize money, but their work was as remarkable and striking, and posed a tough competition to the winners. Jessica Lin is already accepted at the Rhode Island School of Design, and Darren Wong plans to attend UC Davis or Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

“Having three of my students win the competition this year exceeded my greatest expectations!” says Kim Parker of Irvington High School. “I really enjoyed seeing the range of styles represented.” She appreciates that OHAG continues to award scholarships for art education, even in today’s high tech corporate culture and feels that FUSD seniors are fortunate to have this opportunity. “The scholarship amount is very generous,” she says, “but moreover this award celebrates the artistic spirit – the spirit that encourages these young artists to pursue their highest potential in creative expression.” She shows her gratitude to OHAG “for their continued altruism and community support toward this end.”

Dina enjoyed working with and supporting these young and talented artists. “I am amazed and inspired by their level of craft and the sophistication of their conceptual ideas,” she said. “These bright, articulate students are well on their way to being, not only critical artists, but also, thoughtful citizens, who will have an impact on contemporary visual culture. Kudos to their professors for helping guide their artistic explorations!”

Congratulations to our
2018 scholarship winners!

Congratulations to all of our winners!


First Place: Scott Knell, Ohlone College


First Place: Yeseul Lee, Irvington High School


Honorable Mention: Chengyuan Shi, Ohlone College


Honorable Mention: Elina Wang, Ohlone College


Honorable Mention: Jessica Lin, Irvington High School


Honorable Mention: Darren Wong, Irvington High School


Scholarship Chairperson Dina Rubiolo, Juror Gloria Kim, Juror Susan Longini