Current & Upcoming Exhibits

The gallery is open Thursday – Sunday, Noon – 5pm, during exhibitions. Admission is free to the public.

Artists: Mari Andrews & Ann Holsberry
Friday, May 19 through Saturday, June 17
Artists Reception: Friday, May 19, 7-9pm

“Effloresce” by Mari Andrews

Nature has been an inspiration to artists for centuries. It has played a vital role in our creative expression, be it literal or abstract. The textures, colors, and sounds from our environment affect every aspect of life, physically and intellectually, thus altering the way we perceive our world. Many artists depict nature in its true form, the way it appears to the human eye. Sky, mountains, water, beaches, flowers and trees – these have been common subjects of paintings for ages. However, some derive inspiration from natural phenomena, analyzing the connections between all living beings and the earth, their interactions with each other and with the world around them.

Olive Hyde Art Gallery presents the work of two such artists, Mari Andrews and Ann Holsberry, in its upcoming exhibit, “Interconnections” from May 19 through June 17, 2017. An Artists Reception will be held on Friday, May 19th, from 7 to 9 p.m. Both artists are strongly influenced by nature: Mari creates art in the form of sculptures made with wire and naturally found objects, while Ann uses large canvases and a variety of media, lately focusing on cyanotype.

“Magnify” by Mari Andrews

Mari Andrews grew up in Ohio, “on the outskirts of suburbia, right at the edge where things turn rural and wild.” She describes her sculptures as having evolved from “years of drawing and obsessive collecting.” Mari has been collecting objects, natural or man-made, from a very young age. She then cleans and stores them, which gives her a chance to get intimate with each object. “This information is crucial,” Mari says, “while combining materials to make new, hybrid forms.” The characteristics of each object determine its usage, by itself or in combination with other materials. Often the structure and strength of the objects govern the outcome.

For twenty years, Mari’s focus was drawing, but lately she’s been moving into another medium. She refers to her sculptures as “three-dimensional drawings” presented on the wall. Mari uses linear objects like wire and branches to mimic the lines. Through her art, she is trying to bring attention to little things in life that often go unnoticed: “We walk by and miss so many amazing things in our world. If we can slow down and appreciate the color, texture, symmetry, the beauty of say, an acorn, maybe we can also appreciate the various qualities in our neighbors, be they local or international.”

Mari did her BFA & MFA, from University of Dayton, Ohio, and Parson’s School of Design, Los Angeles, respectively. Currently, Mari works out of her studio in Emeryville.

“Navigating by Stars” by Ann Holsberry

Ann Holsberry, who also has her studio in Emeryville, grew up on the Gulf Coast of Florida, spending much of her childhood near beaches, rivers, and wetlands. She then moved north to earn a BFA degree from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, followed by a Master’s at Cornell University. She further studied Law and practiced for twelve years, before committing herself full-time to painting and healing arts. To examine the transformative power of art, Ann began painting for the process instead of the product.

In recent years, Ann has been working primarily with cyanotype, which is “an archaic photographic process” involving application of chemicals onto paper, canvas, or fabric inside the darkroom, followed by developing the work in sunlight. She often uses the elements from nearby surroundings in the exposure. Most of Ann’s work is “an exploration of blue” due to the use of iron-based chemicals.

“Unexplored Regions” by Ann Holsberry

As she works outdoors with environmentally responsive materials, Ann is closely involved with local ecosystems and the changes therein that require adapting to new ways to navigate the world. She is “especially fascinated by the movement of humans and animals across the globe, and the ways in which these earthbound migrations complement the movements of planets and stars.”

Come enjoy the interconnectedness of the cosmos in an artistic realm.