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Programs are held in the Mission Room, Olive Hyde Art Center, 123 Washington Blvd @ Mission Blvd, Fremont, from 10 am – 12 noon, refreshments provided. Programs are held each month except July, August, November and December.

For programs requiring an RSVP, you can submit the forms below. For questions, contact Elaina at programs@olivehydeartguild.org.

You can check out our previous programs, for an idea of the range of activities offered.

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Mini-Workshop with Guest Artist Judy Schonebaum

September 27, 10 am – 12 noon
Mission Room, Olive Hyde Art Center

Sign up soon, as there are only 15 seats for this FREE workshop. Judy will be introducing us to Pastels. Remember loving to draw in chalk on the sidewalk or driveway?  You could blend the colors and you wouldn’t want anyone to walk on it!

Well, Judy will teach us new techniques on paper! She wants us to have fun and maybe try sketching what we see in our garden or give us some abstract exercises to try. Art should be fun, don’t you agree?

See the Pastel Workshop Supply List (below) — or make it easy on yourself: Judy will provide a Beginner’s Package with everything you will need for just $5.

Come join us… but you must reserve a spot and tell us if you want to purchase the Beginner’s Package for $5.

Please submit this form to reserve your spot!

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Workshop Supply List

  • Drawing board
  • Masking or artist’s tape
  • Workable fixative or unscented hairspray
  • Folder or envelope (16”x20”-ish) to carry work
  • Glassine, tissue or newsprint (2 or 3 sheets) to put in between pieces
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Wet cloth in a baggie or hand wipes or water and a few paper towels
  • A few Q-tips
    • White, black, red, yellow, blue
    • 3 EACH of any dark, medium and pale shades
    • Medium to heavy weight un-smooth paper – no larger than 12”x16”
    • Mat scraps – have a nice variety of top papers, easy to handle and may often be gotten for free from a frame shop
    • Brown paper bags or kraft paper
    • 1 PIECE EACH: black, white and any medium shade
  • Sunhat
  • Optional pillow, low stool, or blanket if drawing away from the building