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Simone Archer Home Studio Visit
Thursday, October 17, 10 am – 12 noon

“Multi talented” best describes our Member Guest Artist, Simone Archer of Newark. We are invited to her home studio to see her plein air oil paintings, including recent works of Mendocino and Yosemite. She will discuss her approach to oil painting and special tips. We will see her sculptures, glass jewelry, and learn about her largest artwork: a 45’ by 11’ high exterior building mural, “Livermore Wine Country.” She has documented the design process of creating the handmade colorful tiles. This work is well known and a most charming addition to public art in Downtown Livermore,

Join us by completing the RSVP below. If you have time, let’s have lunch afterwards (to be decided by attendees). Carpooling is encouraged as Simone wants to keep her neighbors happy. Simone’s home studio is located at 36541 Cherry Street, Newark, CA.

Be sure to scroll down and read a profile of Simone!


A Remarkable Multi-Talented Colorist: Profile of the artist Simone Archer

By Radhika Sharma

Multi-talented Newark artist, Simone Archer spoke to us at length about her work, process, and inspirations. The following are some excerpts from the conversation.

Simone works in three mediums at her Newark studio: ceramics, plein air oil paintings and fine acrylic glass jewelry. She paints scenes of natural beauty being immersed in scene and the environment, capturing moving light as well. One of her illustrative murals was created in the year 2002 in Livermore wine country wall along with two other artists and took two and a half years to complete.

“As a child I fell ill and the nurse brought me a coloring book in the hospital,” Simone reminisces about the moment that first started her on the path to color, creativity and painting. In her middle years, Simone drew inspiration from her stepfather who loved drawing people. Simone was a portrait painter for several years as well.

Simone notes that her favorite form is the plein air painting, referring to the art of painting outdoors. Recently, she recalls an experience of painting outdoors at the Niles Canyon, “It was wonderful that the City encouraged it and the presence of artists and painters brought out a lot of people on scooters and bikes in support of the artists!”

“I love nature! I also love the complexity to think through a scene and represent it,” says Simone. When asked if she works on different projects in parallel, she affirms and add, “ ….I like to flip flop between projects in order to avoid repetition. I like variety of work.” Nowadays, Simone finds herself painting more, jewelry although a cherished form, less so as it is laborious and time consuming. In essence, Simone thinks of herself as a colorist, color capturing the essence of her work.

From a business perspective, Simone shares that she finds collectors via Facebook and not through an exclusive website. This year, 2019, will also be notable for her, as she completes twenty years with a group of artists in Newark called the Newark Open Studios.

For budding artists, Simone’s advice is astute, “… Keep practicing, keep creating, chronicle your work and judge your growth from yesterday to today and avoid comparing yourself to others. Also, join a critique group so that you can find advice on what is working in your art and what is not, as artists can get emotionally very involved with their art.”

In jest, Simone adds, “If I am not creating art, I am not much fun to be with!” In summary, she characterizes her work as more impressionistic than real and observes her strong designs in color.

Not only has Simone had a wonderful career in math and art (she is a retired math and art teacher) but her strong artistic and artistic sensibility layered with humility and multitalented creativity has gone from strength to strength each year. A true inspiration to any budding artist and delight to audiences alike!