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A.R.T. SCULPTURE WORKSHOP: Artfully Recycled Treasures

May 24,  10 am – 12 noon
Mission Room, Olive Hyde Art Center

Presented by Carla Moss, OHAG Member

We will assemble and create a WHIMSICAL work of art using items and objects you have found, or might recycle (no plastic bottles). You can make a figure, an abstract work, or even a little robot! These will be attached to a board (see Supplies below). Our mantra is WHIMSICAL! There is no set pattern or technique — you will simply connect/attach these pieces together and onto a pre-cut wooden board — which will be ready for hanging!


COLLECT a minimum of 20 items that YOU WILL SHARE with others in our workshop. Do NOT collect paper items or plastic water bottles. Also, a ceramic item—just might break if it needs to be drilled!

FIND a large box, the size of a boot shoebox. It’s handy to place all your ‘finds’ in that box! HOWEVER… If you find some items you really want to use in your own work — put those items aside and keep them separate. Do NOT put them in the Workshop’s SHARED JUNK pile.

NOW, go on a ’treasure hunt’ in your kitchen, ‘junk drawers’ and your garage. Ask to visit your friends’ garage, junk shop, or go on a walk and see what you find. The following are ideas of things you might want to include in your own artwork:

  • Metal cans of various sizes: tuna, soup, square, round, tall, thin whatever! Little cake molds, knives, forks and spoons, kitchen items, etc. (Food item cans should be clean, labels removed)
  • Be on the lookout for clear glass tubes, tiny light bulbs, wire, appliance parts, broken parts, CDs, old garden tools, old makeup cases, keyboards, mouses from computers, marbles, vacuum hoses, hand mixer parts, metal food steamers, bamboo items, hoses, old keys, dials, washers, paint brushes with dried paint on them, bolts, washers, hard plastic boxes with tops that open or with drawers, band aid boxes, buttons (the bigger the better) tiny toys, junk jewelry, springs, smaller electrical boxes, all sizes of scissors, rusty nails, tiny jars, sewing spools, door knobs, handles, lids, etc, things that catch your eye and especially ones you are clueless about, but might inspire you!
  • BRING: a wood base, like plywood to build on, no smaller than 12”x 12” & no larger than 24”x36”. Any odd scrap of wood at least ¼” thick but no thicker than 5/8”. Sand the edges so you don’t get slivers. Try Home Depot and ask –they usually have a variety of pieces. You can pre-paint it, or cover it with linoleum or thin aluminum but do not cover it with tile or paper.


  • Super glue or Gorilla glue, scotch tape, string, plastic clothes pins (to hold parts while glue sets)
  • Screw drivers—slot or Phillips, pliers, wire cutters if you have some, a hammer, a few nails & screws in various sizes, washers-big or little, round or square, nuts & bolts. NOTE: please put your name on your tools, using masking tape. Bring a battery drill if you can — so will your instructor!


www.blackdogdesignstudio.com QUESTIONS: contact Carla Moss: fetch@blackdogdesignstudio.com

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